CORBA Tutorial

This page provides the source code described in `Distributed Applications with CORBA', a tutorial presented at the Tenth International Python Conference.

The slides for the tutorial are available.

Running the examples

The examples should, in theory, work with any CORBA 2.4 compliant Python ORB. However, since omniORBpy is the only compliant enough ORB at the moment, they only work with that for now. It should not be hard to modify the examples to work with any other Python ORB.

Both examples require omniNames to be running, and omniORB to be properly configured to find it. To run the examples, first compile the IDL files:

omniidl -bpython adder.idl tictactoe.idl

Now you can just run the Python code, and it should work!

The Adder example

adder.idl, the IDL definition., the server implementation.

The TicTacToe example

tictactoe.idl, the IDL definition., the server implementation., the client GUI.


tutorial.tar.gz contains all the above files in a single tarball. is a zip version for Windows sufferers.


Duncan Grisby.