Evolution Dance Show, January 2015

These photos were taken at the tech and dress rehearsals. If you want to tag / comment on them, these photos are all on Facebook, via my profile.

If you are one of the dancers or choreographers and would like prints of any of the photos, email me with the photo numbers and I will send you full resolution versions or get them printed for you.

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Work-in-progress rehearsal
From the wings

The Evolution of Dance
Real Human Beings (1)
Coming of Age Ceremony
Step It Up
Real Human Beings (2)
Survival of the Coolest
First Flight
Seed of Aiwa
A Myth of Changing Seasons
Real Human Beings (3)
Rich Man's Frug
Bang Bang
There is No Difference
Nahui Olin
We Didn't Start the Fire
Real Human Beings (4)

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