'Elemental' dance show, 22 January 2007

The following photos were taken at the technical rehearsal run-through. I also took a set of photos at the dress rehearsal.

If you are one of the dancers or choreographers and would like prints of any of the photos, email me with the photo numbers and we'll sort out getting prints made. To see how much prints will cost, look at the prices at PhotoBox.

I am always looking for models. Please take a look at my artistic photos. If you are interested in modelling for me, please email me at duncan@grisby.org.

The photographs are split by dance piece. Click on a thumbnail to see all the photos from that piece.

Fire Interlude
Fire From Water
Arusa Halawa
El Garrotin
Hot Honey Rag
Water Interlude
Samsui Water Women
Earth Interlude
Wonders of this World
Unto dust shalt thou return
Berry Blues / Bottom's Up
Air Interlude
Just Happen
Five Breaths
Swan Song
Sides to a Girl

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