Sprung! Dance, 14 March 2006

This is a selection of my favourite images from the show. You can also see all the photos I took.

I am always looking for models. Please take a look at my artistic photos. If you are interested in modelling for me, please email me at duncan@grisby.org.

dsc_0663c.jpg dsc_0742c.jpg dsc_0757c.jpg dsc_0792c.jpg dsc_0831c.jpg dsc_0872c.jpg dsc_0946c.jpg dsc_0972c.jpg dsc_0980c.jpg dsc_0986c.jpg dsc_0988c.jpg dsc_0998c.jpg dsc_1053c.jpg dsc_1083c.jpg dsc_1137c.jpg dsc_1184c.jpg dsc_1187c.jpg dsc_1214c.jpg dsc_1225c.jpg

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